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There are different types of trees in the botanical world, in which some are tall and some are tiny. Just as the Sequoia sempervirens (300ft/91 meter) is the tallest tree in the world (also known as giant trees, and the Dwarf willow (1-6 cm) is the smallest tree in the world.

Eucalyptus is also listed as one of the tallest trees in the world and is one of the tallest flowering plants in the world. Let’s talk about it.

A Tree Full of wonders: Eucalyptus

Most types of eucalyptus trees are native to Australia. The lowest types of eucalyptus trees are found in Neguinea and Indonesia.

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree. But the benefits come in the long run. Eucalyptus trees are planted in an east-west direction so that they do not fade.


Eucalyptus remains green all season. Eucalyptus is found in Australia as high as 92 meters and is, therefore, the tallest of the flowering trees.
Eucalyptus trees are also called gum trees (blue gum) and in India, eucalyptus is also known as 'Nilgiri' or 'Safeda'. Eucalyptus trees are also ornamental trees.

The eucalyptus tree is full of various wonders. You know there are more than 700 species of eucalyptus trees in the world. Eucalyptus oil is known to cure colds and coughs.

Eucalyptus of all species has this oil and this oil is found from the leaf of the tree. Did you know??

Eucalyptus trees can also tolerate extreme cold at temperatures of -3 degrees.

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree. But the benefits come in the long run. Eucalyptus trees are planted in an east-west direction so that they do not fade.

Eucalyptus' famous species is Eucalyptus deglupta(Rainbow eucalyptus). Because their stem color is rainbow type. These species are especially found in Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus trees typically absorb 20 liters to 90 liters of water per day from the soil. So, i
n many African countries, their citizens are told not to cultivate eucalyptus trees.
This is because eucalyptus trees need more water and you must know that there is a shortage of water in many countries in Africa.

Eucalyptus Classification


Eucalyptus Leaves

The leaves of eucalyptus are round but not all types of eucalyptus have round leaves. You may know that in autumn the leaves of the trees fall but in the eucalyptus trees the branches also fall along with the leaves of the trees.


A special kind of fragrance comes from the leaves of eucalyptus and when we trample the leaves, they smell more.

According to google trends and Quora, I see a lot of people asking about eucalyptus Leaves are dangerous for dogs or cats and its answer is yes it's dangerous and it contains poison.

Actually, Eucalyptus Leaves contain fiber and their leaves are toxic So Generally, eucalyptus leaves are not safe for animals (note: except koala bears and some others). And it is a common side effect of eucalyptus globulus.

Did you know Eucalyptus trees are a major contributor to a forest fire?

Because In the autumn, the branches of the eucalyptus tree fall to the ground and contain flammable oil, so they burn quickly.

However, the trunk of eucalyptus can withstand extreme heat. That is why eucalyptus grows after the fire is extinguished.

These trees, which are often the victims of fire, spread rapidly due to fire. Because Eucalyptus has special knots in the roots and trunk. And this knot is not destroyed by fire.

When eucalyptus trees catch fire, their trunks rupture and the knots in them fly away and eucalyptus grows there again and thus fire is also a factor in increasing the hierarchy of eucalyptus trees.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Tree

  • The oil extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus is very useful in medicine.
  • Gum eucalyptus oil is used to make insect repellent. That's why it is helpful to protect us from organisms. And it is also helpful for other medical advice.
  • To polish the leather.
  • People usually make money by cutting and selling eucalyptus trees after 4 years. However, after 10 to 12 years, shaking the tree is more beneficial.
  • Useful in plywood.
  • Useful for making a pencil.
  • Beehives are found in abundance in eucalyptus trees, you can also earn money from that honey when you cultivate the eucalyptus tree.
  • Useful for making paper and cord.
  • Useful for a fuel source.
  • The eucalyptus tree is useful for its gum and honey in addition to its oil. Honey made from bees from flowers is used in many medicines.
  • Koala bears (animals), some birds and some others consume eucalyptus leaves as food.

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