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First of all, this blog category is general so it means articles are on different topics, and in the future, I will add many other topics/tags. I like to share information with others so this blog has different tags like Technology, Botany, Food Science. In the future other tags also be will be added such as blogging, space, and many others.

You can ask anything about blogs like blog posts, complaints, suggestions/opinions. Just go to the contact us page and I will reply as soon as possible.

You can also follow our blog on social media platforms because I am sharing much other information on social media.

I have completed a Bachelor's degree in Botany(Hons.) and currently pursuing a master's degree in Food Technology. But I have been interested in Computer Science since childhood. And also interested in Politics. I love reading books & like going to new places. I like to share new information with other people, my friends, and my family that's why I love blogging & share information with others. When it comes to sports, I like to play Cricket and Badminton.

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