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High sensitivity Plant | ShamePlant

Just as animals tend self-defence, similarly plants have also a tendency to self-defence. And today we will learn about such plant shameplant. It has the highest sensitivity compared to other plants.

This plant is native to Brazil, The Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. In India and South Asia, it is also known as 'touch me not plant'. 


Shameplant Classification

Shameplant Roots

Most of the Mimosa plants have poisonous roots. So when you use these roots for medicinal purposes first ask the experts.

Shameplant stems

Young Mimosa has erect stems that transform to 5-feet long creeping or trailing stems.

Shameplant Leaves

The leaves of shameplant are thin like tamarind leaves, and Most of the mimosa species have bi-pinnate types of leaves. Leaves have tiny hairs on the surface.

This plant closes its leaves when we touch the leaves of shameplant. Its leaves cannot withstand the touch of anything. 

Shameplant Leaves

The leaves of the shameplant close at night and reopen in the morning. Shameplant closes as soon as it touches the leaves, hence it is called 'touch me not plant'. 

Shameplant Flowers

Mimosa flowers are mostly yellow, blue, and pink. In shameplant flowering can last for about 1 to 2 days only.

Shameplant Flowers

Shameplant Fruits

It consists of 2 to 8 pods, and each pod holds brown seeds.

Shameplant Seeds

Shameplant seeds are brown, and it is 2mm in diameter, and the shape is spherical and round.

Now we will talk about the most frequently asked question on quora, google, bing, yahoo etc.

Why shameplant leaves close when anything touches?

The leaves of this plant contain particular types of cells. So that when anything touches the leaves, the potassium ions in these specific cells are released, and then the water pressure in the leaves increases, and this causes the leaves of the shameplant to close.

Common Name of Mimosa pudica

Sensitive plant, Shameplant, sleepy plant, action plant, dormilones, touch-me-not, zombie plant, shy plant, chu-mui, lajalu, lajwanti, lajamani, sleeping grass, etc.

‘Touch me not plant’ contains bacteria that can convert atmospheric nitrogen(N) into a usable form for plants in poor soil.

Mimosa Pudica Medicinal Uses

  • Shameplant leeches are very useful when coughing profusely.
  • Very useful for people who have a problem with piles.
  • Very useful for people who have excessive bleeding.
  • Useful when the muscles in the body are relaxed.
  • This plant is used to remove goitre or tumours.
  • This plant is also useful for people who have tonsils.
  • It is useful for diabetes patients.
  • This plant is beneficial when there are stones and especially when there are stones in the kidneys.
  • Very useful when there is swelling or tumour in the body.
  • It is handy for quick healing of wounds in the body.
  • This herb is useful for people who have excessive urination.
  • This plant has become very useful for the research of scientists.


The main disadvantage is sometimes this plant is a source of trouble for farmers as it harms other plants in the field so If the mimosa is in tree form, remove and destroy the trees by burning.

Care of Mimosa Pudica 

Mimosa Pudica is an indoor or outdoor plant. You can grow anywhere, and you can also do propagation in this plant.

  • Where to Grow Plant: You can grow this plant in a pot or any open space.
  • Plant Height: The height of the shameplant is usually about one and a half meters (20 to 40 feet).
  • Light: Shameplant needs a lot of light but not only light but also shade, so it is grown in a place where both light and shadow come.
  • Water: Mimosa is a moisture plant. It means this plant needs more water but not too much that the plant should die. Water in the shameplant is given once in 2 days, and the soil is kept moist.
  • Temperature: The best temperature for these plants is 15℃ to 30℃.
  • Fertilizer: Potassium ions in the cells are essential when the leaves of shameplant are closed so this plant prefers potassium fertilizer.


Shameplant (Mimosa Pudica) is a fascinating plant. It is well known for the speciality of its leaves, and that's why this plant is favourite for children.

Suppose you are beginners for learning how to growing plant. Then shameplant is the best option to start to learn. Because in Shameplant no more maintenance. 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

World Largest Aquarium: Georgia Aquarium

You must have seen the aquarium. So today we will look at basic information about the largest aquarium in the world. The largest aquarium in the world is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, USA.

World Largest Aquarium: Georgia Aquarium

One of the special things about this aquarium is that in this aquarium you feel like you are under the sea and you are watching the fish floating. The aquarium is spread over an area of five lakh square feet. About one lakh different species of fish are found in this aquarium. A pair of male and female sharks of about 40 feet are also found in this aquarium.

This aquarium is divided into salt and saltwater. So both types of aquatic fish are found in this aquarium. There are also different exhibits related to fish information. In this aquarium also theater is available. In which you are shown films related to the life of fish. The restaurant is also located here and has a capacity of about 1100 people. There are also rides that kids love.

If you want to see the photos of the world's largest aquarium and its information, Just click here.

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Find Tourist Places Via Google Search Best Trick

You will all be going to different tourist places. But sometimes you are confused as to where to go. At that time this trick will be very useful. Here we understand how to find tourist places via google search trick?

Find Tourist Places Via Google Search Best Trick

  • First, open Google.
  • Now type Location Name (Jaipur) + Attractions or Location Name (Jaipur) + Places of interest.
  • Now just tap on search and the results are on your screen.
Find Tourist Places Via Google Search Best Trick

Suppose you are going to visit Jaipur, you can easily find out about its sights on google with the help of this trick. This trick will also show you the address of the selected place, its review, and their photos.

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