Google Introducing People Cards

After a long time, finally, google launches a virtual visiting card on google in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, Google announced this on its official blog on August 11, 2020. You may be wondering if this is a virtual card that is now available on Google. So let's understand.

What is People Cards? / What is Virtual Visiting Card?

Usually, if you search for the names of famous people(celebrity, Public figure, etc.) on Google, you will find complete information about them. Such as his education, social media profile, hometown, etc. But when you search for the name of a person who is not famous, it is difficult to get his information. Then you can get the knowledge of that person with the help of this visiting card.

How to create a virtual visiting card?

1) Create a google account.

2) Type ‘add me to search ‘on google. (Note: In Mobile Device)

3) So you can see the below box. Now click on get started.

Google Introducing People Cards

4) Now fill in the details. In detail, section name, location, about, and occupation is mandatory.

5) You can also fill the detail like work, education, website, social media profile, phone number, etc.

6) After filling in all these details, now click on the preview button. Here you can see what your card will look like.

7) Now do a Google search for the name you have entered in the information, and your profile will show up. But above the profile, you can see this type of message ‘card temporarily unpublished,’ and below, you can see the ‘verify details’ button. Tap on the button.

Google Introducing People Cards

8) Now, type here your legal name, email id. Then upload government issues photo id (e.g., driving licenses) or school id card. (Note: Both sides of the card must be placed)

9) Now click on the check button and submit. Now, after a while, Google will verify it, then it will send you a mail.

10) After some days your card will show in google. (Note that some time it could take time to publish.) Done!!

This virtual visiting card also gives you the option of feedback/comments. If there are more negative feedback on the profile, Google may delete the card. In the future, you can change/delete the information on your profile, so don't worry about it.

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