7 Basic Windows Commands

Today we will talk about only basic windows commands (cmd) and in the future, we will talk about intermediate and high-level windows commands(cmd).
Basic Windows Commands

How to open cmd?
Press Windows Key + R, now type cmd in the Run box and press enter.

1. ipconfig: 

- These commands will help to know your IP address.
- First, open cmd and then type ipconfig and press enter.
- Now you can see your IP address.

2. mkdir: 

- This command will help to create a new folder.
- Type cd desktop (here I am choosing desktop to create new folder but in your case, you can type the location where you create folder choose but the cd is compulsory.
- Then type 'mkdir (folder name) and press enter
- Now Done!!

3. tasklist: 

- These commands show you a list of software/application/programs which are run at this time.
- Open cmd and type tasklist and press enter.
- You can see the list of running software.

4. type: 

- The text file will be open in the cmd window through this command.
- First type cd desktop (Here also I'm choosing desktop and in your case, you will choose your location)
- Then type 'type (name of txt file).txt' and press enter.
- Done!!

5. color: 

- In the cmd window default color is white but you can change this color via using this command.
- First type 'color (any color name)'
- Now you can see the list of color names and color codes.
- Then choose a color then type 'color (color value) and press enter.
- Done!!

6. systeminfo: 

- This command will help to know your computer/laptop system.
- Type systeminfo and press enter, wait a minute.
- Now you can see the information about your desktop (eg. operating system, model no, etc.)

7. ver:

- This command will help to know your operating system version.
- It is also simple to open cmd, type 'ver' and you can see the version of the operating system.

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