12 Impressive Mobile Phone Facts

  1. Today's modern mobile phones have more capabilities than the computers used in the Apollo 11 sent to the moon by NASA.

  2. Mobile phones have the most bacteria. 

  3. People in Japan also use mobile phones while bathing so 90% of the phones there are waterproof.

  4. The first mobile phone conversation was made in 1976 by Martin Cooper, the inventor of Motorola.

  5. Mobile phones are the best selling electronic device.

  6. Loss of mobile phones can lead to anger and resentment and this condition is called 'nomophobia'.

  7. Did you know? People around the world have more mobile phones than toilets.

  8. Videos and photos are the most uploaded on mobile and this traffic accounts for 27% of web traffic.

  9. Smartphone technology is made up of a combination of 250,000 different inventions.

  10. In Malaysia, it is legal to get a divorce through mobile phone messages.

  11. People often pretend to be busy with smartphones to stay away from the people around them. In one survey, 47% of people admitted this.

  12. Finland hosts a mobile phone throwing competition. The competition was started in 2000 to promote recycling. The one who can throw the mobile the farthest is called the champion.  


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