What is the meaning of Refurbished?

In today's age of new technology, online shopping has increased. Most of the people will be shopping online. So when you shop online, sometimes you have read in product detail that this product is a 'refurbished product' or 'renewed product', so many people will have a question: what is refurbished? So let's understand.

What is the meaning of Refurbished?

Refurbished means when a person purchases a mobile phone, laptop, etc. (electronic items) and returns the product for some reason (if defective products, What you ordered, came second instead, etc.) after the product is delivered or exchanges the product, the company of that product repairs that product And makes it like new again and then sells it and this kind of product is refurbished product.

Another thing is that the price of the refurbished product is less than the price of the original product. In short refurbished means second-hand product.

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