Best 5 blogs to follow about Food Science

Today I will tell you about 5 food science blogs that you need to follow and besides these 5 blogs I will tell you about 1 extra blog which is not on the list but if you are interested in food science then this blog also needs to be followed.


1. Science Meets Foods

This blog was published in 2012. There are also many interviews on this blog. In this blog, you can learn about food Fermentation, Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Food History, Food Law, Food Packaging, Food Safety, Processing, Health, Nutrition, Recipes, and many more. Another special thing is that this blog is also in the category of the top 15 blogs in the world and has also received an award. Marta Alboi Tapi is the manager of this blog and there are about 15 authors working on this blog. This blog is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube so you can follow them from there.

2. Baker Pedia

From the name of this blog, you will know which topic this blog will specialist on and if we talk about the special section of the blog it includes bread, cookies, crackers, donuts, pastries, pie, pizza, etc. But even though this is a special section of the blog, there is a lot of information on this blog. If we talk about taking it, there are weekly food-related updates. The blog also has online seminars in which you can register. Apart from which you can also get information about Ingredients, Food Safety, and process. What is special about this blog compared to other blogs is that it also sells its own brand i.e. Baker Pedia T-Shirts, Stickers, and mugs which you can buy only from its blog. On this blog, you will also find food science-related eBooks some of which will be free and some you will have to buy. Baker Pedia is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and from there you can follow. 

3. Crunchy Crispy

You can have a look at crunchy crispy which is a one stop for varieties of foodicious information. The Wordology section is main attraction with so many new words from food world. It will surely increase your food vocabulary. Further, they have home remedies section where you can find ways to cure many health issues just with natural ingredients. Apart from that, there are so many easy to make recipes that you can try.

All in all, if you want to increase your knowledge about food world, go check them out.

3. Food Crumbles

In this blog you will be able to read regular articles from food-related categories like Farming, Ingredients in Food, Making Food, Storing Food, Science Basic, etc. There are 3 courses provided in this blog(Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Ice-Cream Science) which are absolutely free which you can sign up and enroll in this blog. In all these three courses, food science is taught from a basic level so that it is very useful for beginner students of food science. If you sign up on this blog, you will also get weekly mail through updates.

4. Brand Eating

From the name of this blog, you have come to understand that this blog will provide which information. In the Brand Eating blog, you can learn about the food information of the banded food company (i.e. 7-Eleven, Arby's, Baskin-Robbins, Ben, and Jerry's, Burger King, Carl's Jr. Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Church's Chicken, Dairy Queen, Del Taco, Domino's, Dunkin' Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Hardee's, In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, KFC, Krispy Kreme, Little Caesars, McDonald's, Panda Express, Panera Bread, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Popeyes, Quiznos, Sonic, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy's). You can also find special deals of this branded food company by signing up in this blog. You can also follow this blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS.

5. Serious Eats

This blog was published in 2006. This blog gives you information about Recipes, Cooking Techniques, Ingredients Guide, Equipment's, Kitchen Tips, etc. You can also read this blog if it also provides food science-related books. Secondly, this blog will also provide regular information about food history, food science, podcast, the food industry, etc. You can also get updates by subscribing to this blog. You can follow this blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS.

Now we will talk about the last blog which is not on this list but if you are interested in food science so you must read this blog.

6. Cheese Science Toolkit

This blog provides information just like the name implies. In this blog, you will read articles and videos on microbiology, chemistry, processing, nutrition, safety, flavor related to cheese. This blog is specially created with a focus on cheese and provides information about it. This blog is specially created with a focus on cheese. This blog (Cheese Science Toolkit) is about launch online Cheese Science courses with the Vermont Cheese Council. Which you can register from now on this blog. You can also follow the blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Overview Of Food Science

Definition of Food Science

To understand the definition of food science in simple language, food science means studying the physical and chemical properties of food and the changes that take place while processing, packaging, storage, etc.

Why you should study Food Science?

Generally, there is no such thing as a subject that is not worth studying because all subjects have something that is useful in our lives and the other thing is that all subjects are also connected to each other. You will know that. However, the subject you want to study depends on your interest or it is up to you to decide which subject I want to study. But here we will know why this subject should be taught by keeping an eye on food science and although you can take food science knowledge of basic level if not advance level.

By studying food science you can understand food scientifically and the nature of food which is also useful in our daily life.

Some Major Subjects Of Food Science

- Food Processing
- Food Microbiology
- Food Nutrition
- Food Chemistry
- Food Analysis/Food Quality
- Food Engineering
- Food Technology etc.

From the names of these subjects, you may have known what is taught in food science and you may have guessed why we should study food science. Food law is also taught in food science.

Disciplines of Food Science

  1. Food Chemistry: Food Chemistry involves learning about the chemical processes that have already taken place in food or occur during food preparation.
  2. Food Physical Chemistry: Food Physical Chemistry involves learning about the physical and chemical interaction in food.
  3. Food Engineering: Food Engineering involves learning about the industrial process of food.
  4. Food Microbiology: Food Microbiology teaches about the microbes which are present in food. Such as which type of bacteria is good for food and which are not good for food.
  5. Food Technology: Food Technology involves learning about methods such as food preservation, canning, UHT, etc.
  6. Molecular Gastronomy: Molecular Gastronomy is the study of physical and chemical in cooking.
  7. Quality Control: Quality Control is studied for foodborne illness and its prevention.
  8. Sensory Analysis: Sensory Analysis studies the understanding of a food buyer to buy food. 

Post of Food Science/Food Technology

- Food technologist
- Nutritional therapist
- Product/Process development scientist
- Quality manager
- Regulatory affairs officers
- Scientific laboratory technician
- Technical brewer
- Production manager
- Purchasing manager
- Research manager
- Research scientist
- Toxicologists etc.

French scientist Nicholas Appert is the father of Food Science. Nicholas Appert has invented a famous method like canning. It is also known as the father of Canning.

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